Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Clothes Swap!!

We had the clothes swap last night and everything turned out great!!
As you will see we had loads of clothes, in fact we were a little late starting because we had so many to put out.

A BIG thank you to the girlies who helped us! (Jess, Elly and jenny =])
They made these amazing little cakes and biscuits in the shapes of cool!

Smiles and laughter...the underlying tension over who was going to get the Sponge Bob tee was unreal! haha

Carrie sizing up one of the tops on offer.

By this point everyone has an idea of what they wanted and were hovering near their selected items!

As you can see some people did very well!

Over all it was very sucessful and we've learnt a lot...meaning the next swap will be even better!! However, in the meantime I think we need to take a little break from Tramps Garden to concentrate on our Degree Show.
Don't worry we'll still be keeping in touch with our whereabouts, I doubt we'll be able to stay away from Tramps Garden for long. 
In June we'll be free from the troubles and stresses of Uni so will be making lots of our lovely bags!

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