Friday, 6 March 2009

Don't throw it...Swap it!

Today, we made posters for our clothes swap and ran around uni putting them up, guerrilla style!
Lucky for us its been a beautiful sunny day so its actually been quite fun.

Making the most of the weather we took a trip down memory lane and went to the birth place of Tramps Garden...which is exactly that!...a tramps garden. While we were there we took some photos so show you guys the inspiration behind our name, so we'll put them up here asap.

Just to remind you all about our swap, its on the 31st March in the Victoria Building. Don't worry we'll remind you nearer the time but get thinking about what you want to swap! I've got about 5 items in mind at the moment and counting...looking forward to my new things already!

Not only will it be a free shopping trip but will help the planet too! In the UK we throw away a staggering 1 million tonnes of clothes and textiles each year. Over 7.5 billion articles of clothing go to our dustbins every year, with most ending up in landfill. Crazy stuff.

Right, better get back to work!

Ps. to find out more click on the link to our facebook group!

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