Saturday, 14 March 2009

I'm so last week...

...Last week was amazing, i managed to blag myself some free shoes, a free ticket to see Little Boots AND tickets to the sold out Kasabian gig at 53! Happy days!

Cute eh.

First things shoes! Carrie and myself went to a business
 talk about global branding, hardly what Tramps Garden are aiming to do, but interesting none the less. The talk was about 'redfoot' shoes, those nifty little ones that fold in half! 
At the end the speaker announced all the shoes they had on display that night were free for people to take home, that was it Carrie was off, with whippet like speed she made it to the front in time to claim her prize...only to find out they weren't in her size! (good news for me) =]

Little Boots

Little flatmate and me got given free tickets to see her at 53% on Thursday.
To be honest i hadn't heard anything about her until then but i've noticed since she's been dubbed 'The Sound of 2009'. I hadn't been out to see live music in too long so was a great night, being a local lass (from Blackpool) loads of her friends and family were there too, which gave it that extra special atmosphere! She plays electronica/pop and has this amazing japanese electronic instrument the Tenori-on...hours of fun!

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  1. O my word you 2 are so lucky. Congratz on getting the shoes and well done for seeing the concert. Swap a top takes place Wednseday in the aintrium. Good luck for your event. See you there.
    We had trouble with people taking our posters too.