Sunday, 8 March 2009

Picture from my first visit to newcastle.

It really did look pretty, this is the best my little camera could do! Im getting a new camera this week, time for some pro shots while the sun is shining i think! :)
Iv been re organising my 'studio' today (by this i mean my living room), im having to ship my fabric upstairs while my living room is re decorated, we have been living upstairs for nearly a year now, so im very excited! i have saved lots of the old wall paper we took down and am going to frame some of it, found some lovely floral patterns and even some polka dots! :)
Well its getting late now (11.30pm) so am going to have to go, have more sorting to do tomorrow and have a gig to go to this week, its beauty sleep time!
Nighty night xxx

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